Rosey lives on a boat

I am so happy to have my dear friend Rosey share her lovely boat with us today!

“I’m Rosey and I live on a boat just outside of Bath with my boyfriend and my cat. We’ve been on board for close to four years now and love our cosy home. I love all manner of crafts, although crochet is my go to… Its so nice to sit on the sofa, watching a film while a blanket grows around you!”

Thanks so much, Rosey, for sharing your home and these beautiful photos with us! You can visit Rosey and her gorgeous crochet blankets at her blog, roseylivesonaboat. xxx

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  1. Rhiannon February 13, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    Love Rosey and love her boat. Great to see the pictures. I think a proper visit is in order.

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