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The Tortoise

I’m so excited to share The Tortoise with you today, the brand new album from Nuala Honan (who is fast becoming one of my favourite artists). The country/folk singer-songwriter from rural South Australia released her debut album earlier in May 2013, the first to come out of Bristol studio The Woodshed.

Nuala’s lyrical honesty, combined with the fiercely independent environment that the album has emerged from, ensures that The Tortoise has an authenticity that commercial country so often lacks.

Nuala has an uncanny ability to write new songs that sound timeless, somehow conjuring the sense that the lyrics have been worn smooth by the passage of time.

Moving from her isolated village in Australia to England in 2004, now Bristol based, Nuala is known among peers for her inexorable energy and using her music and events as the platform for many other artists and practitioners (such as Live in the Lion’s Den – a night that has been hosting acts from all over the world every Tuesday for the last three years).

I hope your plans tomorrow involve heading down to The Fiddlers, Bristol, for Nuala’s Official Album Launch Party (with support from Rozi Plain, Wilf Merttens & Lori Campbell). It’ll be a night to remember, with tickets at a mere £7 (bargain I hear you cry!).

The Tortoise by Nuala Honan

Check out Nuala’s album The Tortoise, available to buy and stream at Bandcamp

Say hi to Nuala and keep up to date with gigs and events at:

Enjoy The Tortoise… it’s not just my music of the month, but also a beautiful piece of collectable art! Thanks Nuala! 🙂

Seasonal Retrospective by Charlotte…

I am so happy to have my dear friend, Bath based photographer and dog walker, Charlotte Mcalister, share her inspirational and beautiful work with us today! This is the first of a series of posts by Charlotte, which will take you on a journey through the seasons around the city of Bath, showcasing some of her photos from 2012-2013. Today we celebrate winter in all it’s glory!

Hi I’m Charlotte and I am very happy that my very good friend Layne has let me put my pictures on Missalayneous. I hope you enjoy them, even if winter has been a few months too long!


Nice weather for dogs

Snow Nose

Snow nose

Tow Path

Snowy tow-path





Pulteney Bridge in the snow

Pulteney Bridge in the snow


Bath’s famous Weir


Blizzard conditions!

Thanks so much, Charlotte, for sharing your stunning photos with us! You can visit Charlotte and her gorgeous photograpy at Walkies With Charlotte and on Flickr.

Keep an eye on Missalayneous for the next in the series of these beautiful posts – in which Charlotte shares spring!

What is your favourite season and why?